act 1 scene 1 Antonio says he does not what causes his sadness. salarino and solanio suggest that he is worried about the safety of his ships in which he has invested so much money. more friends one of them gratanio comments on how careworn Antonio has become. gratanio advises Antonio against using sadness to […]


It was the 22nd of July and me and y grandma we’re walking to the pyramids of giza . As we were walking g to pay a thick coat of sand was blocking us from what we wanted to see. Almost as if the god RA had stopped us.Next to me I hear my grandma […]

in Romeo and Juliet a lot of fate is introduced due to the fact that they thought that god controlled their lives. today im here to show you how Shakespeare interprets fate into Romeo and Juliet.The first thing i will talk about is when Romeo says I fear too early, for my mind misgives Some consequence yet […]

Act 1 scene 1 Mr Uachi=Gregory     Mr Anim=Sampson   Mr Price:=Abram Mr Uachi: Take out your pencil two of the english tam are coming. (frantically takes out his pencil) Mr Anim: My pencil is out! study and i shall give you my wisdom. (mr anim draws out his pencil form his left torso […]

we are with romeo benvolio and merutio heading to the party. romeo still feeling a bit sad has doughts about goin g to the party  he has a solioquy about god steering his fate and that it isnt a pleasent one. “i fear to early for my mind misgives “

we are in capuletrs house were we are with lady capulet and the nurse. lady capulet tries to find juliet and tells the nurse to go get  her. she does and then lady capulet then proceeds to talk about marrying paris so that the families riches can join together they talk about marriage until a […]